We have been there!  Everyone says hindsight is 20/20.  How many times have you heard “If only we had known then what we know now”?  We are passionate about what we do because we want people to learn from our mistakes.  When it comes to real estate, the stakes are too high.  In most cases your house is your biggest asset.  You work hard for your money. Unfortunately, when you go to sell your house, everyone wants their piece of the pie. They will do everything in their power to make you believe that it is the only way.

Our Story

Where it Began

We were two full time working professionals with two wonderful boys ages 5 & 6. We both had great jobs and were making a decent income. We were on the path we had learned from birth – work hard, save up money, buy a house and a car. You know, the same way our parents did it.

The house we purchased was on the higher end of our budget, but it was manageable. A couple years in, and there was a dramatic increase in property taxes. This put a bit of strain on the budget, but we were still ok.

At this point, Baby Boy #3, and our first Baby Girl came along. Soon after our budget was close to its breaking limit. That’s about the time we decided to sell.

Budget Chaos

We purchased this house for $375,000. We had only lived there for a few years and we owed a little over $340,000. The market was decent and hadn’t changed very much since we bought. Unfortunately, Real Estate agents were telling us we couldn’t sell right then. “There isn’t enough equity to cover repairs and commissions”. We were being told our house wasn’t worth enough for them to help us sell it.

It was a struggle at this point. Trying to keep up with the mortgage and other bills, and the costs of having a large family. It caught up to us quick, and our credit started to suffer. We did a loan modification with the mortgage company to buy us some time, and then – life hit.

Life Strikes

In the midst of the chaos, health issues arose. This dug us even deeper into the financial hole we were already struggling to climb out of. Unfortunately, there was a proverbial nail in the coffin. Eddie lost his well-paying job. He was able to find another job. But it didn’t pay as well and the hammer had already dropped on our finances.


Loops and Hoops

At this point Real Estate Agents told us, “You have no other choice”. We dropped approximately $5000 in repairs our Real Estate Agent told us we HAD to do to break even. The listing process piled on stress after stress, especially with 4 kids, 2 in diapers.

Our house was definitely “Lived In”. Our Real Estate Agent sent a stager over to help us make the place appealing. She had us make a bunch of changes. While most of them were small, there was still a cost with them that increased our debt. We got help from family and friends to repaint the walls. We fixed some flooring, and we had to hire a cleaning service to do a 3-day deep cleaning.

After all this, Professional photos took place. Our little family of 6 still had to work extra hard at keeping the house “Show Ready”.

The Conclusion

We spent several months showing the house. we lost count on the number of times. Finally, we did get an ALL-CASH offer from someone who wanted to buy the house because it was next to their parents. We were hit with a list of repairs and concessions that essentially nickel and dimed us to the point that the only way we could settle was to take a loan against our 401K… And our Agent told us “This was the ONLY choice we had”.

This whole process was horrible. But it gave us a new purpose. We don’t want anyone else to feel like they have no other option. If we knew then, what we know now, we would have avoided such a huge and costly mistake.

We took that passion and learned from the absolute best. We studied with the most knowledgeable people in Real Estate. and we learned how to analyze every situation. Our process allows us to be honest, and thorough. We determine what the options are, and which option is the best option for you. We love the challenge and that each situation is unique. Every deal we do is a Win-Win for everyone involved. Our joy comes from teaching you how to Maximize your biggest asset.

Education and Training

We have trained with some of the biggest names in the industry.  We learned creative financing, raw land and commercial strategies from Ron Legrand. Private Lending from Jay Connor. Mindset and sales strategies from Marshall Sylver & AJ Puedan. Multi-Family strategies from Marco Kozlowski and much more.
Now Eddie teaches these strategies and specializes in short term rentals. Most recently his interests have focused on Constitutional law and he spends much of his time on advocacy. He also created a Private Membership Association. He is using this to revolutionize the short term rental industry.
Eddie Middlebrooks

Eddie Middlebrooks

CEO and Founder of FullPriceForYourHouse.com

Eddie created FullPriceForYourHouse.com to teach people there is a better way to sell your house. He makes complex creative financing strategies easy for the general public to understand and use safely and securely.

Eddie is a high school grad and lifetime learner. When he has an interest, he immerses himself in it fully and can master anything he touches like a natural. He is an AMAZING guitar player – completely self-taught. He mostly enjoys playing and listening to progressive rock and highly technical electric guitar instrumentalists like Dream Theater, Steve Vai & Joe Satriani. He loves playing for an audience and while he has spent many hours playing guitar and singing on stage during worship at church, you can also see him every now and then broadcasting live on social media just so he can show off the more technical styles with covers of his favorite progressive rock artists.

Prior to real estate, his career was in IT, which he loved learning all the new technologies and how he could help companies implement new systems, but he was at the top of his field and really nowhere else to go. He was working tons of hours day and night barely getting by and he knew something had to change. He grew up in a political family and his father had always told him he should look into real estate investing so he figured it was worth a shot to check it out for some additional income on the side. Little did he know….

Stephanie Middlebrooks

Stephanie Middlebrooks

Strategic Analyst

Stephanie graduated from Babson College with a B.S. in Business Management and concentration in accounting in 2003.

After graduation she moved down to Maryland where she met Eddie country line dancing of all places.  They got married a year later to the day and have been together ever since!  She started her career at a small accounting firm shortly after graduation and quickly shifted her focus to more financial analysis than accounting.  She got a position with a local government contractor in project control and joined the world of government contracting where she got her PMP Certification (Program Management Professional) and managed the finances for multi-million dollar government projects.

Our WHYs

Today’s kids are the future.  We do everything as a family and believe that it is our responsibility to raise them up right and train them to be tomorrow’s leaders.  We regularly hold events where we teach and train on all the topics we are passionate about and our events are open for all ages.


Why Sell to us?


More Money

You will make more money selling to us than any other way of selling


No Staging or Photographers

We are the buyer, you don’t have to do anything special for us!


We work on your timeline

You tell us when you are ready to move and we work on your timeline!  We can buy it now so you know it is sold and even lease it back to you until you are ready to make the move.


No Repairs Necessary

We will buy your house AS-IS, you don’t have to fix a THING

No Showings

No need to keep your house “show-ready” and deal with showings disrupting your daily routine.  

We are an open book

We don’t try to hide or disguise anything.  Every aspect of the process is open and we love teaching any of our clients who want to know every step of the way.

We know our stuff

We have many end strategies so no matter what the situation we will find the best solution for you