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How FullPriceForYourHouse.com's Process Works

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By eliminating the "middle men" (agents or banks), our process is the fasted purchasing process available. No inspections, no 3rd party approval requirements, and no low-ball offers. We specialize in win-win offers that meet or exceed our clients desires. Check out our process below to see how we can offer you full price for your house! 

You have a beautiful house in Florida. You need to sell it to catch up on bills, purchase property elsewhere or it was an inheritance and you just don't need it, or maybe you just want to cash in on the current real estate market. For whatever reason, you decide you are ready to sell and you reach out to a friend who is in Real Estate. 

They determine that your house is worth $335,000 in the current market and they could list and sell it this month. They have a 6% commission fee, and you may be asked to assist with closing costs or other fees associated with the sale of the house. Since you have a mortgage with a current balance of $219,000 you would make $116,000 minus their commission. 

While thinking about the offer, you google "sell your home fast in Florida" and find FullPriceForYourHouse.com and fill out the simple form at the top of the page and submit it. Within 24 hours you receive a response from us with a full price offer.

We Provide You With A Cost-to-Sell Analysis

Our experienced staff analyzed the property and pulled comps in the surrounding neighborhoods and determined that selling through a Real Estate agent, after all of the costs associated with the sale i.e. commissions, repairs from inspections, closing costs, sellers assistance required by the mortgager of the buyer, 3 months of mortgage and utilities that you pay waiting for the closing date set by the banks; have been factored in you could sell your house for $335,000. You would walk away from the settlement table with a check for $45,840. 

Here is how we came up with that number

Traditional buyers will purchase a home using hard-money lending from a bank (a mortgage). Banks require appraisals, inspections, repairs to anything found during inspections, and they require that the buyer meet credit, income and other measurements to prove they can repay the loan. A Title search is also done on the property to ensure there are no issues with ownership in the past. This process takes 90 days on average. That means for those 90 days, you still own the house, you're paying the mortgage payments, the utilities, the lawn upkeep, the repairs to the property, and any other typical costs associated with owning the property. We factor all of that in when determining the bottom line cost to sell for a potential client. 

We also Provide You With a Full Price Offer

In the package you receive from us, you'll get your full-price offer as well. Notice that we do not require any inspections, which means you do not need to repair anything in the house for us to purchase it. We do not use banks and can typically settle in less than 30 days. We just eliminated 3 months of bills while waiting to sell this house.

We cover all closing costs. There are no inspections required, and no repairs necessary. We can settle within 30-days, many times we have settled within 10 days!

- Ed Middlebrooks, FullPriceForYourHouse.Com

Selling to us just increased the check you receive at settlement by $70,160. Your full price offer from us has already made you more money than listing with a traditional agent, and the settlement was 3 times faster as well. But we're not done yet! 

You will love selling your house to us

Picture this for a moment. Right now I'm holding a plate of fat mouth-watering, yummy little marshmallows. They're so fresh you can smell the sugary puffiness as if they were just pulled from the pan and cut. What if I told you you could have one marshmallow right now? You would take it wouldn't you? You'd enjoy that sugary, gooey tasty treat right away. Now, what would you do if I said you could have 2 marshmallows if you waited 1 hour? or if I gave you another one for waiting even longer?

That check for $45,840 is the single marshmallow. But you want more marshmallows. you crave more marshmallows. Guess what? We can give you even more marshmallows.

Get more money

When a traditional buyer purchases your house, they get a mortgage. The bank gives them the money to give to you, and then they have to pay the bank back, plus interest. That interest generates hundreds of thousands of dollars for the bank. When we purchase a home, we want you to be happy. We want you to be so pleased with selling to us you tell your friends they should sell to us when they go to sell their house. How can we do that? By offering you a full price offer, and showing you how much you can get by selling to us. We negotiate term deals with the sellers. This means you agree to take a monthly payment for a short period of time until we are able to cash you out in full. Typically that time period is 5 to 10 years. In return for agreeing to take a monthly payment, we give YOU the interest that would be going to a bank. We normally pay around 5% interest to the seller. The upside to selling this way is that the longer we make payments the more money you are going to make. For instance if we were to make payments like a typical mortgage for 30 years, you would receive $571,262.85 for the house you agreed to sell to us for $335,000!


That is the great part about selling your house to fullpriceforyourhouse.com. We do not low-ball. We do not require inspections or repairs, we don't use banks, we don't delay and you get a lot more money for your house than any other way you could sell your home. That's what you want. That's why you want to sell to fullpriceforyourhouse.com. That's why you just need to fill out the form to get started! There is no obligation to sell, we provide offers at no-cost to you. All you need to do now is fill out the form and we'll take care of the rest! 

FullPriceForYourHouse.com is a company that purchases houses using creative financing strategies as well as cash offers giving money and value to home sellers. Offers are made to sellers based on market value and repairs needed. FullPriceForYourHouse.com will do everything possible to bring forth the highest possible offer to give the seller the most benefit from dealing with a fast sale.

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